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An Icontest for all Movies
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This is an icon challenge community for all fandoms!
this communtiy was started by the amazing valliegurl, and is now moderated by silverseaicons
Your banner makers are ibelonginnarnia, and hitz_girl.


· All icons must be something from the pictures I will provide for you to use in your icon.
· Please keep the size of your entry or entries between 100x100 or 90x90, icons under that size will not be judged.
· DO NOT claim someone elses work for your own
·For each challenge you are allowed to enter 2 icon unless we say otherwise.
·No sexual content in your entry.
·Post your entry with a comment in the right entry please!
·Do not show your icons to anyone else until after the contest is over.
·When you enter please put the icon url aswell an image of your icon, here is an example:


· Voting is done in comment form. You can only vote ONCE, this
includes if you have more than one journal.
·Voting for your own icon is prohibited.
Pick someone else's that you like.
· Try not to be biased. Pick the icon that you think is the best
and deserves to win. Don't just vote for one that your friend made,
or includes your favorite character.
· You MUST don't have to be a member of the community to vote.


If you'd like to affiliate with us, leave a comment here.

Got suggestions?
drop us a line in our suggestion box.

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